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Critical Care Reviews

A link to this really useful critical care website is now available on our Knowledge page. A great place to find details of lots of up-to-date research papers, reviews and guidance. Free to register and you can get a useful newsletter to save you time! Lisa

What else is new on Critical Thinking?

We’re busy little chaps today . . . We’ve also updated the training dates for critical appraisal – You can find those on our Library CPD Opportunities – Training Sessions page Lisa

What’s new on Critical Thinking?

Hey there, There’s a great new resource listed on our Useful Resources for Critical Appraisal page – Why not check it out?! Lisa

Welcome to Critical Thinking Journal Club

Welcome to the new and exciting Critical Thinking Journal Club. This club is designed to be available to everybody and encourages reading, critiquing and learning of new articles and practice. The goal is to encourage and empower you to read and understand evidence and research and then question it, with the support of a clinical librarian. Expanding our knowledge helps us to grow as Health care professionals and facilitates professional development.