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Next topic – Trachy Safety

Next topic for journal club – Displaced trachy’s and Trachy safety We’ll be doing this for the November session – 12.30 on Tuesday 28th November. Promise to have the paper out with more notice this time!! Thanx, Lisa

Any ideas for future topics?

I’ve just added a post to the articles stream under Discussion to say that our next topic will be Organ Donation. We’ll be covering that in September’s journal club. Any ideas for the next session after that…? Got a burning issue? Something not making sense to you? Want to discuss something close to your heart? Let us know… Thanks, Lisa

Analgesia and Sedation

Following on from the RASS paper – Is it worth discussing another one around use of analgesia and sedation? Lisa


Well, have just done a brief appraisal of the proning paper from NEJM… some interesting discussion… Good definitions, plenty of information… intention to treat analysis, discussion of results – We thought it was a good paper… What does everyone else think?