Welcome to Critical Thinking Journal Club

Welcome to the new and exciting Critical Thinking Journal Club. This club is designed to be available to everybody and encourages reading, critiquing and learning of new articles and practice. The goal is to encourage and empower you to read and understand evidence and research and then question it, with the support of a clinical librarian. Expanding our knowledge helps us to grow as Health care professionals and facilitates professional development.
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  1. Okay. Would be good to example some good papers with negative outcomes also – for example nejm 2012 IABP-SHOCKII. CALORIES trial and PROCESS trials 2014.
    Perhaps some more dubious results such as CESAR trial and ALBIUS etc
    just to get better at critical appraisal. Can you put a link on the site to ‘how to read a paper’ by T Greenhalgh ? Or similar. Lewis

    • Thanks Dr Gray,
      trying to get some links added on so will remember to include. Thank you.
      And agree will look into these trials, i’ve looked at the CESAR one before, but would be good for us to appraise.

    • Hi Dr Gray
      I’ve begun putting some links on – click on Useful Resources for Critical Appraisal on the Knowledge page and you should find some info about Greenhalgh.
      This is just a start – bear with…

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